Important information

Bohemia Rhapsody Apartments and Menuet Apartments are located in the spa area of ​​Karlovy Vary with very limited car traffic. Entrance for hotel guests is only allowed for the purposes of unloading and loading luggage on the day of arrival and on the day of departure, and in case of inspection by the Municipal Police, it is necessary to prove the reservation of the hotel stay. Therefore, this mode does not allow parking outside the hotel parking area.

The parking lot for guests of the Bohemia Rhapsody Apartments is located behind the main building, about 30 m from the entrance and we will always send you detailed instructions for arrival, check-in and handover of keys. However, our parking space has a limited capacity, so reservation of the parking space is required in advance. In the event that we are unable to confirm your request for parking directly at the apartments, we recommend using the 24-hour service of the Park Libušina, Libušina 2120/21, 360 01 Karlovy Vary or you can use our company’s secured parking lot outside of the spa area free of charge. We will be happy to bring you to the apartment.

Parking for guests of Menuet apartments is provided in the Libusina parking lot, Libusina 2120/21, 360 01 Karlovy Vary, where we transfer all our guests to the apartments located directly in the pedestrian zone. Parking reservation is required in advance. Upon arrival at the parking lot, our representative will meet you and will take care of your check-in and hand over your keys to the apartment. In the event that our own parking capacity is exhausted, we will offer you a parking space at Bohemia Rhapsody Apartments, located about 150 m from Menuet Apartments or our company’s secured parking lot outside of the spa area from which you and your loved ones will be brought by a driver to the apartment.

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